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Merge Gallery in Chelsea offers an upbeat and colorful show this holiday season.   Featured artist Jessica Snow gives us her current exhibition " Incident in the Territory of Invention".  

Ms. Snow employs a wonderful technique of broad brush strokes cleverly framing intricate displays that stimulate the eye and the imagination.  Abstract landscapes that feel urban and natural at the same time.  Her use of color is bold and yet the pieces have an overall soothing effect.   This show is a pleasure to see.   There are so many times you can appreciate an artist's work - but never imagine having it in your home.   Ms. Snow has an ability to open your mind - but also make you want to own one of these pieces for yourself.    

The setting of Merge Gallery is also a treat.    A little jewel box of a gallery - it is a frame itself to the wonderful work it selects show after show.

Be sure to visit, this show runs through January 10th.

MERGE GALLERY  205 West 20th Street

New York, NY 212 929 7505




ART WORLD GREAT LOSS - Francois Xavier Lalanne

The art world suffered a great loss this week with the death of Francois Xavior Lalanne at the age of 81.  Lalanne's prolific career spanned more than half a century.   His surrealist sculptures that sometimes doubled as furniture could be wonderfully decadent or subtly demure.  One thing was constant - they brought beauty to the world.   Known for his portrayal of animals, most often sheep the artist had a strong international following.  In recent years the pieces emerged in fashion boutiques around the world.   Tom Ford's NY boutique prominently positioned a  bronze crocodile "chair" that greeted every visitor and caught the eye of every passerby.   In Beverly Hills, a delicate stag sculpture recreated the decor of Coco Chanel's apartment in the newly renovated fine jewelry boutique of the Parisian house.   Speaking of Paris, more pieces decorated the new Dior store there.   While Yves Saint Laurent himself collected Lalanne, the recent design house fans were steered by architect Peter MarinoMarino who himself has gotten more attention lately for his personal re-invention a la Thierry Mugler circa 1990 or Mr. Eagle Bar, is the man responsible for the look of Chanel, Valentino, & Dior Boutiques worldwide.   He is an avid Lalanne collector and is said to have the largest personal collection of the artist in the world.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Claude and Francois last year at the re-opening of the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills.  They were striking as a couple and had the room mesmerized by their presence.   Deepest sympathies to Claude Lalanne.



Pato Paez - One NY Artist Who's Work Is On AND Off The Wall!

The creative mind can express itself in a myriad of forms.   We think of Dancers, Painters, and Writers as the creatives... but do you think Doctors?  Why don't we?   After all, who is more creative and known to think outside the box than doctors who research and study for cures and advances in medical technology?    One medical student who traded a future of charts and stethoscopes for palettes and paint is  Patricio Paez.   Before moving to NYC to pursue his career in abstract / modern art, Paez completed medical school in his native Argentina.   One look at his work leaves no question that this is the expression of a creative mind.   His use of color and broad brush strokes gives an excited and passionate feeling to its viewers.   There is an energy that comes through on the canvas... which is an extension of the artist himself who is a ball of energy in his everyday life.    With five years of solo exhibitions under his belt - Paez has come into his own sense of style and pace of work.    In 2006 Paez founded IMURI INTERNATIONAL as the company to handle his business , but also added so much more to his portfolio.   With Imuri, Pato has been able to do what so many artists are never able to accomplish by offering a more commercial aspect to his work.   Imuri offers large and small scale murals  for residential and commercial use.   Its no surprise many restaurants and offices have responded and commissioned the one of a kind creations for their establishments.    The murals also give an apartment or house a piece of art that can really become part of the place in a way maybe a canvas cannot.   For more information on IMURI or for upcoming shows  visit the website - IMURI INTERNATIONAL



Black is the old Black at F.I.T. exhibit

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology is a treasure hidden in broad daylight.   While the museum is critically acclaimed, it remains under the radar compared to the much more editorialized Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.    F.I.T. is an incredible institution that counts many famous fashion designers as alumni.   This alumni bank has led to an internship program so rich in resources and connections, it is hard to compare with any other program of its kind.    

The current exhibit :  GOTHIC - Dark Glamour is a perfect example of the stunning execution the museum and its director and chief curator Valerie Steele is known for.  They say the Devil is in the details, and if that is true - this show is pure Evil!   From the moment you enter the underground gallery - you are taken to a dark place - both literally and figuratively.   Your eyes adjust to the beautiful darkness and these exquisite pieces of fashion come to life.   Organized in creative displays that do justice to every fashion piece on loan - this show takes you through the concept of "The Gothic" and how it carved out a niche in the fashion world.

It is no wonder that the heavyweights loan looks to F.I.T. without question.   Major Houses like Chanel, Valentino, Dior, Givenchy and more are on display.  GOTHIC - Dark Glamour runs through February 21st, 2009.

Fashion Institute of Technology  / 27th Street at 7th Avenue / Open to the public / Admission is free

Tues - Fri Noon - 8pm , Saturday 10am - 5pm. Closed Sundays, Mondays, and legal holidays.  

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