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A highlight of my recent trip to Lisbon was seeing the larger than life bronze sculptures of Mexican artist Rivelino.  Titled "Nuestros Silencios", the pieces are powerful and haunting.   The message is clear and speaks volumes about freedom of expression.  The work is a cry for human rights and equality, but also an abstract treasure!

The sculptures are on display at the foot of Park Eduardo VII - standing guard at one of the busiest intersections in the Portuguese capital.   On guard there that is through mid- January.   After that, they will continue their European tour to Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, Rome, & London.

I learned about the exhibit from ARTNEXUS well before I left for Lisbon.   The incredible organization that supports artists around the world has an excellent newsletter that is chock full of information on upcoming events and exhibits.     I was so excited to see these works.   Thank you Rivelino, and thank you ARTNEXUS.   Click on the link to subscribe.



Spend a great day previewing the hottest new artists on the scene in New York.   The New Yorker has a long history of supporting Artists before they become household names.   Passport to the Arts on Saturday November 7th is like a cliff notes version of Gallery life in Chelsea New York.   You might not find out everything you need to know about extremely talented artists - but you can see an example of their work and meet with many of the artist as they preview their latest work.

One talented artist participating is Pato Paez of IMURI International.   Pato has made a name for himself creating one of a kind murals for commercial and private spaces for those in the know.   His sense of color and proportion are what have kept his fans coming back,  and making then want to live with his murals.   Selma Blair by Pato Paez

Pato is also a talented portrait artist.   His sense of abstraction and again -use of color lead to the creation of dreamy portraits that have an upbeat and creative feel - somehow melancholy and joyous at the same time.

One well known fan of Paez is actress Selma Blair.   Paez painted the actress in his signature style - flies & dragonflies are common symbols in his work.   The beautiful painting is on display at the MaxMara btq. on Madison Avenue at 68th Street in NYC.  If you visit MaxMara - check out one the amazing cashmere coats on display.   This global fashion house excells in coat design.  It was a camel coat that founder Achille Maramotti sold out of the trunk of his car that started the collection.

Meet Pato at the Passport to the Arts event on Saturday November 7th.   click above to find out how to attend!



One of the most beautiful things that ever came out of Australia is the songbird known as Natalie Imbruglia.  Believe it or not, it has been 12 years since Natalie gave us "Torn" - a song that haunted radios all over the world.    Her new single "Want" gives us another reason to watch her over and over and over.   The song is addictive and Ms. Imbruglia is magically more beautiful than you remember - if that is possible!

You must watch this video:



IT'S ALL IN THE CARDS- Susanne K. Williams 

Susanne K. Williams DesignIf you are looking for the perfect "thinking of you" card for a loved one or family member,  Susanne K. Williams has just the card to capture the sentiment you are looking to send.   Her collection of photography cards are poignant, inspiring, and beautiful.   Susanne has an interesting background, having worked in publishing and interior design before launching her collection of greeting cards.

Although we all live on-line and communicate through email - there are times when we want to use the age old art of letter  writing - if only via a short message in a beautiful card.

Ms. Williams has the artistic eye of a photographer and photo editor as she shoots the images that she then edits and puts into production in her namesake card collection.Susanne K. Williams Design

One of the best things about the cards - they are made in small batches and are regularly rotated out of production - making these pieces very limited and truly unique.

visit the website at :

Place your order and start sharing a smile with your family and friends. 



SPROUSE BANNER DEITCH PROJECTS SOHODeitch Projects in Soho is ground zero for anything pop - culture related in the art world.     Show after show the gallery continues to be a beacon on light in a dark sea of cookie cutter stores passing themselves off as galleries.

The current show is a crown jewel in the pop culture experience.   "Stephen Sprouse, Rock on Mars" is a retrospective of work from Stephen Sprouse that coincides with the release of  the stephen sprouse book.  The book was created by super talented brothers Roger & Mauricio Padilha - the creators of MAO MAG and owners of MAO public relations.    The show captures the spirit of Stephen Sprouse and his view of the world.    The fusion of punk-pop fashion adorned with graffiti in day-glow neon colors are unmistakably Sprouse.   This is a rare chance to be surrounded by his work - from his day glow tights to his Warhol animal print mural.   Brilliant!  It is an out of this world experience - as if you have landed on another planet - in a strange new world.

Sprouse is dominating New York this month with windows at both LV boutiques in town as well as Full Lexington Avenue windows at Bloomingdale's 59th Street. 

Check out the show at Deitch Projects Soho through Feb. 28th.

To read about Stephen Sprouse on the home page - click Sprouse.




The Space Race between the United States and the then Soviet Union in the late 1950's sparked the imagination of every man, woman, and child of the possibilities out there..  beyond what we know.    The Soviet's launch of Sputnik started the "Race" to get a man in outer space.   While this was a political rally between two super powers that could threaten national security, pop culture was so greatly effected - it changed the coarse of the medium.   Every aspect of Art, Advertising, and Entertainment became engrossed in the race and also in the unknown.    While anyone who was a child of the 60's will remember the brunt of products aimed at the hungry imaginations - from syrup bottles shaped like robots - to elaborate space ships and outer worldly space stations toy sets.   Children of the 70's will remember less of an obsession with robots and saucers - as Hollywood had moved on and we soon had TV and Movies like Star Trek and Star Wars to obsess over.   I remember playing with a spinning top like the toy pictured here - but it had been my brother and cousins toys - who were about 5 years older than I was and born in the late 60's.  I had every Star Trek action figure as a kid - and I would have them battle the characters from Planet of the Apes - but that is another story and a battle never waged on the big screen! and 

To see the Space Race exhibit - be sure to walk between terminals 1 and 2 if you are in SFO Airport anytime soon!




The artists Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag - commercially known as M/M (Paris) have brought their unique take on the art world to Soho.   The Drawing Center is housing the current installation titled " Just Like an Ant Walking on the Edge of the Visible".   A statement that is said to reflect the duos view of the world - which is never just as you thought it would be.   This display is a collection of stools arranged around the gallery space.  Each piece is unique and has the unmistakeable look of M/M.   You undoubtedly know their work as they have an innate ability to find the niche that fits in between creative and commercial art.   The duo designed an album cover for Bjork - Hidden Place.   Later there was a YSL ad.   The technique used in both projects had a wonderful dreamlike quality of doodles and scribbles that feel personal and out of this world at the same time.

Visit their website to see a refreshing representation of a site as well - again.. not what you would expect. -  M/M (Paris)

If you are not familiar with the drawing center, this is a great time to get acquainted.   They are a wonderful organization.   A few words about the center from their site.

"The Drawing Center has been a unique and dynamic part of New York City's cultural life since 1977. The only not-for-profit institution in the country to focus on the exhibition of drawings, it was established to demonstrate the significance and diversity of drawings throughout history, to juxtapose work by master figures with work by emerging and under-recognized artists, and to stimulate public dialogue on issues of art and culture."

The show runs through February 5th.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM; Saturday, 11 AM – 6 PM


35 Wooster Street, New York, NY, 10013

tel: 212-219-2166
fax: 212-966-2976