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BOTTEGA VENETA FALL 2014The weather is heating up and shopping centers across the U.S. are filling up.  While Summer used to be a time for shoppers to escape the heat and hit the sales, elite fashion clients know the most coveted items for Fall 2014 are arriving day by day!  Right now it's Pre-Fall items (some of the best and least promoted by the magazines) and Runway designs are on the way.  Shoppers with a dedicated sales associate are rest assured, as they usually set aside the hottest pieces for the best clients. 


This Summer, two Italian houses of luxury fashion have released handbags that are sure to be best sellers.  

BOTTEGA VENETA OLIMPIA BAG IN AUBERGINE - $2,580.00The Northern city of Vicenza was the birthplace of Bottega Veneta in the 60's and the famed woven leather or "Intrecciato" bags that is a must-have among the rich, the famous, and all around fabulous.   Jackie Onassis was an early devotee and the companies famous "when your own initials are enough" spoke volumes to those chic enough not to be covered in branded logos. 

Since 2001 the house has been part of Gucci Group - now known as Kering, and the group brought in Gucci alum Tomas Maier to become it's creative director.  The brand now has boutiques in most luxury shopping destinations.  

This Summer Bottega Veneta launches the Olimpia Bag to it's legions of accessory fans.  The sophisticated bag is classic BOTTEGA VENETA BAG IN NEW LIGHT GREY WOVEN AYERS - $5,250.00Bottega with it's simple flap and leather and chain strap.   The bag is named after the famed Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, the city where the bag is produced and home to the Bottega Veneta atelier.   Perfect for that Summer get-away! Price ranges from $2,580 to $5,250.00 - This is one to add to your permanent collection.   Get to your nearest Bottega boutique asap.

South of Vicenza - 121 miles to be exact - is Florence.  From the architecture, to the sculptures, Florence is the calling card of Italian design.  Nestled in the center of this legandary city is the brand that started the designer shoe revolution. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO FIAMMA BAG IN KARUNG AND LEATHER - $3,500.00

Salvatore Ferragamo is the original house of designer shoes.  With a legendary legacy, the house went through a 21st century reboot in the last 4 years.  Once worn by Hollywood royalty like Marilyn Monroe (Ferragamo created the stiletto heel for Monroe on film) and Audrey Hepburn, today the house is as likely to seen on Beyonce, Lady Gaga, or the hottest new rap star you haven't heard of yet! 

This Summer, the house launches The Fiamma.   SALVATORE FERRAGAMO FIAMMA BAG IN BURGUNDY LEATHER -$2,250.00A handbag named for Fiamma Ferragamo, the daughter of Salvatore that made the brand a global name by adding ready-to-wear and accessories.  The Fiamma bag is a top handle, oval bag with enough style and attitude to become your go to -"going out" bag.  There are several size and shapes but my favorite is the Mini - so much style and attitude!  Find them in a Ferragamo boutique now. 


Summer is for sunning, resting, and shopping!!  Check the sales while they last.. and get on these it bags before they are wait listed.   Bottega and Ferragamo are both brands that don't produce endless quantities  - True Luxury!SALVATORE FERRAGAMO - FALL 2014



The Wall Street Journal featured yet another stunning still life in the popular OFF DUTY section over the weekend.   One artist's work is a favorite here at aLIFEofSTYLE.   Click NOOK to find out more about these unique pieces - and where to find them - they are destined to be collectibles.   Bravo Meredith Mendelsohn for writing this thoughtful article,  F. Martin Ramin for the dreamy photography, and Anne Cardenas for the beautiful styling.  #WSJOFFDUTY



Spring is in the air.   Finally, after a harsh Winter that had everyone from San Diego to Saratoga experiencing droughts, snowstorms, and a myriad of weather obstacles in-between...the tide is turning.  Suddenly, the West coast got rain, the East coast is getting sun, and your favorite fashion stores are unwrapping the newest objects of desire for Spring 2014.   Now, more than ever, it is easy to also support causes near and dear to your heart simply by purchasing from companies with a passion for charity.   Three collections that champion animal rights and the environment are among the most interesting offerings for Spring. 

FIGUE - The self styled collection of designer Stephanie Von Watzdorf is on the short list of those bohemian globe-trotting "it" girls who live between St. Tropez, West Figue Flying Elephant Tote - $65.00Chelsea, and Costa Careyes - depending on the time of year.  Figue Flying Elephant iPad Case - $95.00 Figue is cool and stylish, but never pretentious.  How could it not be fabulous? Stephanie is the gal that helped create the look of the Tory Burch  RTW aesthetic.  While Tory prefers the "Bohemian in a Bentley" image, Stephanie is more "Gorgeous in Goa".   Most of the pieces are collectible and Figue has a following with a one-of-a-kindish-like passion.   Anyone who knows Von Watzdorf knows her passion for animals - big and small.  Her Flying Elephant Totes ($65.00) and Flying Elephant iPad Cases ($95.00) helps raise money to save and care for Elephants in Africa.  Over 30% of the tote and 20% of the iPad case goes to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  The Trust cares for Elephant and Rhinos is Kenya, carrying on the legacy of David Leslie William Sheldrick - founder of the Tsavo National park in Kenya.   Help support this beautiful creatures while wearing one of the chicest collections around!  Figue has opened it's first BOUTIQUE in NYC -GET THERE!!

JOHN BARTLETT  - This NY based fashion designer has a history of supporting animal rights.  His Tiny Tim Rescue Fund helps support dogs and cats in need,TINY TIM ADOPT NECKLACE and ensures they are cared for in no-kill shelters.  Bartlett started the fund in memory of his own three legged rescue pit bull - Tiny Tim.   For 2014 there is an exciting new fashion piece to raise awareness and funds for the cause.  Bartlett has teamed up with jewelry designer to the stars Gregg Wolf to create the Tiny Tim Adopt Necklace in Sterling Silver.  At $135.00, it's an affordable way to help safe man's best friend and look cool doing it.


This family owned skin care company has built a loyal following by using all natural ingredients and utilizing combined with the latest scientific breakthroughs in anti-aging and restorative properties.  With fans around the world, Chantecaille has helped women choose more natural options in their beauty regimen.  Philanthropy is also a constant in this eco-aware company.  Each season, the family chooses an animal in danger of extinction to raise funds and awareness.  For Spring 2014, the focus in on the Honey Bee.  Bees have protected and helped produce all of natures finest creations for millions of years.   These tiny creatures protect our ecosystem in a profound way.  (Honey found in the tombs or ancient Pharaohs is still edible today!)  The recent andCHANTECAILLE - "SAVE THE BEES" PALETTE dramatic decline of bee populations around the world has scientists on every continent concerned.  A portion of the profits from the sale of every Save The Bees Palette goes to the Xerces Society.  This non-profit organization protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their environment.  The palette has a warm collection of colors that flatter the eyes and cheeks. 

To learn more about any of these worthy causes, click the highlighted links or the images.   You can "pollinate" any of these causes in your own way by purchasing these items now.   Help these beautiful creatures, while you also take home some beautiful pieces for yourself this Spring.

Buzz around like a busy bee now.  Happy Spring!



BEN FRANKLIN, BFF - PATO PAEZHave you seen the new Benjamins?  Not the new $100 dollar bill issued by the federal government, these Bens are part of a limited edition series of silk screens from artist Pato Paez

Its remarkable how artists have the ability to convey the mood of society through their work.  It just happens.  In 2014 - luxury is in.  Mega million dollar apartments sell daily in cities from coast to coast while shoppers run to boutiques to purchase anything with the word "Luxury" in its' description. 

In the art world?  Pop Art is the name of the game, and luxury doesn't even begin to describe the scene.  Never before have hyper luxury creations of artists like Jeff Koons been "mainstreamed" by a global pop star like Lady Gaga.  Koons created a sculpture of Gaga for the cover of her latest album ArtPop.   While he was once dismissed as a sculpture pornographer, Koons work now sells for millions of dollars.   Fashion too has never been more directly involved with pop artists, making their work part of the fashion.  French fashion house Louis Vuitton commissioned graffiti artist Retna to create a facade for a special pop-up boutique in Miami.   Get the picture?ARTIST PATO PAEZ IN HIS BROOKLYN STUDIO

Enter the Argentinian born, American artist Pato Paez.  Paez is a modernist who can balance the razor sharp edge between fine and commercial art.  His "Narcissistic by Nature" series is a commentary on ego and beauty and has created a loyal following of collectors all over the world since it began in 2008.

His first offering in 2014 is "Ben Franklin, BFF" - a limited edition silkscreen print inspired by the $100 bill.  Part of a collection "Our Love Affair With Money", the Benjamins  are limited to 100 prints - signed and numbered.  Each measures 22" x 15"  (image size 14" x 9 1/4").     These prints were just released - and are soon to be - gone!  Each print is $75.00 - less than a cool Benjamin.

Click over to IMURI now- you can point and click and order your image directly.  Modern art meets modern commerce.   It's just a matter of time before Pato's work is available several more zeros dangling off the end.  (I'm no Suze Orman - but this is an investment you need to get in on asap). You can also check out more of the work Paez creates - in so many mediums through his studio IMURI.   You won't be sorry.  I'll bet you $100 bucks!