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MADONNA'S 13TH STUDIO ALBUM - REBEL HEARTGird You Loins!  MADONNA is back, and she is not happy.   The Queen of pop ended the year with 6 tracks from her soon to be released album - REBEL HEART, being leaked on the internet.  Getting ahead of the hack, within the week Madonna released the first six tracks immediately for anyone who pre-ordered the full album (her 13th studio offering) to be released in March.

No doubt, the leak made Madonna less than happy..(actually she made that clear on every social media account she has). 

Add this to the fact that at least half of the new tracks tell tales of a broken hearted woman getting over burned by her guy, getting on after dumping her boyfriend.  Think Taylor Swift on Nicki Minaj.

The queen of social media has been tweeting, posting, and gramming #UnapologeticBitch, #BitchImMadonna, and #RebelHeart for months - so we knew those would probably be songs.    Ballads have always been a strong suit of Madonna's catalog and her Ghosttown is a beautiful example.  To read more and listen to tracks - click - REBEL HEART



With the holiday season sneaking up any day now (Once Thanksgiving is here - that's it!) - there are so many great choices this year for the DIY and Home Design Enthusiast in your life.  Today, the Fashion and Interior Design world have never been closer.  Chances are, your favorite fashion designs mirror a mood and feel similar to the way you live.   The term "Lifestyle" is used to death - but it is so appropriate.   These books are the latest from some of the most talented interior designers, design experts, food editors, and experts in all things "Shelter".    Choose two or 3 and make a great bundled gift for designer on your list!   Click on authors to visit their website, or click on book jackets to purchase on Amazon.   Also - click Indie Bound to find the local bookstore in your area and to help support the #ShopSmall initiative.   Happy Holidays!

SUSANNA SALK - Decorate Fearlessly

JOAN OSOFSKY - Love Where You Live


CHRISTOPHE POURNY - The Furniture Bible


DANA COWIN - Mastering My Mistakes In The Kitchen





VALENTINO OFFERS ONE OF THE MOST COLORFUL, YET MOST TRADITIONAL CAPE OPTIONS FOR FALL 2014. PRICED AT $16,500 - IT IS ALSO ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE.When you start to notice seasonal changes in the weather (no matter where you live), you can usually count on two things.   Fashion boutiques will be start receiving great outerwear options, and another Hollywood blockbuster about a superhero is being released - or in the works.  Let's talk blockbuster.   One of the most iconic men in tights the world has ever known - Batman will be back on the big screen in 2016, in yet another reboot of the cash cow series based on the Character created in 1939 by Bill Finger and Bob Cane. BURBERRY WOOL & CASHMERE PONCHO - MONOGRAMMABLE - $1,600.00  Owned by DC Comics, Batman - originally known as the Bat-Man will nex be brought to life by Oscar winning actor Ben Affleck in "Batman Vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice".   Evidently the movie will star not one, but TWO larger than life superheros that wear capes when they want to be taken seriously.  Did somebody say capes?SALVATORE FERRAGAMO WOOL / ALPACA PLAID CAPE - $2,990.00 - AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT FERRAGAMO BOUTIQUES

The Fall fashion collections from Paris and Florence were flipping and flying with capes, wraps, and kimono like ponchos more than any season in recent memory.   While capes for women have been associated in the past with images more like Little Red Riding Hood or Girl Scouts - the offerings for the Winter of 2014/15 are not your little sisters, or your grand-mothers capes. ASYMMETRICAL SHAPE OF THE FERRAGAMO CAPE  As outerwear options become major parts of a woman's ensemble - a sophisticated cape is a wise investment.  Ferragamo, Burberry, Valentino, Bally, and many more runway collections were right on the trend for Fall 2014.

Three reasons you need a cape in your closet.   1 - Cape Coats are a great option for transitional  seasons from Fall to Winter and from Winter to Spring - which can be months at a time.  2 - these cape / ponchos travel really well, making them easy to layer up or down when unexpected weather arrives when you are away. 3 - possibly the most relevant reason - Capes and Ponchos FLATTER almost any figure.  In fact, they are a great friend to women who are larger than a 10 or 12.   For decades larger women have been all but shut out of designer fashion due to limited sizing offered to ladies with curves. WOOL / MOHAIR CAVALLI CAPE - $2,270.00   These Ponchos and Capes - even when labelled a true size BALLY WOOL CAPE WITH LEATHER TRIM - AS FEATURED IN THE FALL 2014 CAMPAIGN - $1,695.00 - AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY IN BALLY BOUTIQUES- can be worn by women several sizes larger - depending on the style / color / cut.

Take a look at these options that jumped off the runways at me.  They can all be staples in your wardrobe for years to come.    




BOTTEGA VENETA FALL 2014The weather is heating up and shopping centers across the U.S. are filling up.  While Summer used to be a time for shoppers to escape the heat and hit the sales, elite fashion clients know the most coveted items for Fall 2014 are arriving day by day!  Right now it's Pre-Fall items (some of the best and least promoted by the magazines) and Runway designs are on the way.  Shoppers with a dedicated sales associate are rest assured, as they usually set aside the hottest pieces for the best clients. 


This Summer, two Italian houses of luxury fashion have released handbags that are sure to be best sellers.  

BOTTEGA VENETA OLIMPIA BAG IN AUBERGINE - $2,580.00The Northern city of Vicenza was the birthplace of Bottega Veneta in the 60's and the famed woven leather or "Intrecciato" bags that is a must-have among the rich, the famous, and all around fabulous.   Jackie Onassis was an early devotee and the companies famous "when your own initials are enough" spoke volumes to those chic enough not to be covered in branded logos. 

Since 2001 the house has been part of Gucci Group - now known as Kering, and the group brought in Gucci alum Tomas Maier to become it's creative director.  The brand now has boutiques in most luxury shopping destinations.  

This Summer Bottega Veneta launches the Olimpia Bag to it's legions of accessory fans.  The sophisticated bag is classic BOTTEGA VENETA BAG IN NEW LIGHT GREY WOVEN AYERS - $5,250.00Bottega with it's simple flap and leather and chain strap.   The bag is named after the famed Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, the city where the bag is produced and home to the Bottega Veneta atelier.   Perfect for that Summer get-away! Price ranges from $2,580 to $5,250.00 - This is one to add to your permanent collection.   Get to your nearest Bottega boutique asap.

South of Vicenza - 121 miles to be exact - is Florence.  From the architecture, to the sculptures, Florence is the calling card of Italian design.  Nestled in the center of this legandary city is the brand that started the designer shoe revolution. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO FIAMMA BAG IN KARUNG AND LEATHER - $3,500.00

Salvatore Ferragamo is the original house of designer shoes.  With a legendary legacy, the house went through a 21st century reboot in the last 4 years.  Once worn by Hollywood royalty like Marilyn Monroe (Ferragamo created the stiletto heel for Monroe on film) and Audrey Hepburn, today the house is as likely to seen on Beyonce, Lady Gaga, or the hottest new rap star you haven't heard of yet! 

This Summer, the house launches The Fiamma.   SALVATORE FERRAGAMO FIAMMA BAG IN BURGUNDY LEATHER -$2,250.00A handbag named for Fiamma Ferragamo, the daughter of Salvatore that made the brand a global name by adding ready-to-wear and accessories.  The Fiamma bag is a top handle, oval bag with enough style and attitude to become your go to -"going out" bag.  There are several size and shapes but my favorite is the Mini - so much style and attitude!  Find them in a Ferragamo boutique now. 


Summer is for sunning, resting, and shopping!!  Check the sales while they last.. and get on these it bags before they are wait listed.   Bottega and Ferragamo are both brands that don't produce endless quantities  - True Luxury!SALVATORE FERRAGAMO - FALL 2014