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TOMS SHOES EVER EVOLVING STYLES - CLICK TO SHOP AT NORDSTROMI spend most of my professional life ( ok, a good portion of my personal life too)TOM'S FLAG - CHARITY FOR PROFIT - A NEW BUSINESS MODEL surrounded by designer fashion, accessories, and home furnishings that cost a small fortune.  Handcrafted luxury goods have to be very expensive because there is no other way to create items in Europe and America.  

Rarely do I get excited enough about every day pieces to want to write about them, but Tom's Shoes are in a class all on their own.  The company, founded by Blake Mycoskie was created to sell shoes that would provide a pair for poor children for every pair that was sold.  #OneForOne was the concept, and it quickly became a phenomenon.  A PATRIOTIC PAIR OF TOM'S FOR MEN - NEW FOR SPRING - $53.95 Since 2006, the company has provided over 35 million shoes to kids in need.   The eye-wear collection was started in 2011, and has restored sight to over 275,000 children. TOM'S DELRAY SNEAKER - $78.95 The Coffee roasting division was started in 2014 and has provided over 67,000 weeks of clean water to families in developing countries.  The new bag collection launching in 2015 will provide birth kits and training to those that deliver babies in the poorest of countries.DELREY TOE DETAIL    Add to all of this amazing charitable work the fact that the company makes cool shoes you want to wear.  More amazing, they don't cost a fortune, are easy to travel in, and have become one of the trendiest shoes to be seen wearing. TOM'S MEN'S CLASSIC SLIP ON - $43.95-$47.95 - SHOWN IN NAVY (AVAILABLE IN RANGE OF COLORS

The iconic department store Nordstrom has built a strong following with it's reputation of wonderful customer service.  For over 100 years the store has provided impeccable service, quality products, in pristine retail settings.  Now with over 100 full service department stores, and almost 200 off-price stores the chain has a unique position.TOM'S POLARIZED AVIATORS - $149.00 - MORE STYLES AVAILABLE   It caters to a wide range of clients who might feel just as comfortable at Macy's or Neiman Marcus.  Somehow, Nordstrom serves all price points. BABY TOM'S - CUTEST GIFT EVER? - $31.95 - SHOWN IN RED - (AVAILABLE IN RANGE OF COLORS)

Starting with simple canvas slip-ons, the brand has evolved to sneakers, suede lace ups, woven leather, and more.   There are men's & women's, children's, and now baby shoes!

You should buy the shoes to be charitable, but you'll buy them because you like them.  Once you wear them, you will love them.  If you travel, you must own a pair. TOM'S HUARACHE TOE DETAIL In fact, I can't believe you already don't have at least one pair.   I might have 10.. no joke.   Having started as a shoe store in Seattle, it's no wonder that Nordstrom has an impressive shoe department in every store today.  While women's shoe departments have become trendy in the last 10 years, Nordstrom has be doing double duty with amazing Men's and Women's shoe departments for decades.TOM'S HUARACHE FLAT - $78.95

Shop these and so many more Tom's styles at Nordstrom now.  There are more in-store, but you can click images to buy dozens of options now.  TOM'S VIAJE SNEAKER - $78.99 They make a great Father's Day gift for the cool dad in your life! #FathersDayGift  - Click any of the links or images to shop for shoes now! JUST A FEW OF MY FAVORITE LOOKS FROM TOM'S - I DARE YOU TO BUY JUST ONE! - PH JASON JOBSON



The Wonder Twin Sisters of TULESTE

FLOWER GIRLS - SATU & CELESTE GREENBERG - AKA - TULESTE - LAYERED IN THEIR LATEST STACKABLE ENAMEL RINGS AND BRACELETSIf the Wonder Twins were sisters, they would choose the form of Celeste and Satu Greeberg.   The dynamic duo behind Tuleste aren't twins, but these siblings have the energy and creative flow of super heroes for sure!

One of the fastest growing (and most interesting) categories in the fashion world is Costume Jewelry, known as CJ to fashion insiders. Despite the fact that the techniques and labor involved to make these pieces are just as intricate or time consuming as Fine Jewelry (FJ for short), prices of fashion jewelry can be much more approachable and casual.  Many of the major houses are jumping on the category (led by CHANEL) as a latest cash cow.  By attaching logos and letters to costume jewelry, many of the big houses are charging fine jewelry prices for these playful pieces.   However, it's the collections that specialize in CJ that are most creative and frankly - the coolest.  TULESTE ENAMEL RINGS, FUR EARRINGS, AND LEATHER CORD NECKLACE

TULESTE is such a collection.   Created by the dynamic duo sisters Satu and Celeste Greenberg, their jewelry is a reflection of these women themselves.  Two girls who have their fingers on the pulse of what makes New York vibrate with energy.  If there is a new restaurant, new club, new trend, new designer - these ladies see it, know it, and are friends with them.  For those of us that know Satu and Celeste, they are a living, breathing version of what TIME OUT magazine was in the 00's or late 90's.   They know.   They do.   They create.   Their jewelry is playful, chic, and relevant - three attributes not often found in one collection. SATU & CELESTE HELP DRESSBARN OPEN THE NASDAQ THIS SPRING!

Like NY itself, the ladies have a new project happening every time you turn around.  Fur Earrings selling out again and again at Opening Ceremony,  a collaboration with retail giant DressBarn in that brands move to a more fashion forward persona with True by Tuleste at-DressBar, backstage at fashion week shows giving designer friends  their style vibe, these girls are ON IT! CHANEL KNITS & BOOTS, DOLCE & GABBANA BAG, TULESTE STACKED ENAMEL RINGS - ELLE MAGAZINE - PH: HORST DIEKGERDES

On it so much in fact, that sometimes they need to get off it.. and more specifically -they need people to -GET OFF THEM.   What started as joke between the girls and friends -"GET OFF ME" became the perfect answer to so many questions.  The punch line to jokes.  The snarky thought you can use everywhere..   Like "AS IF" in the 90's.... "GET OFF ME" says everything and nothing all at once - Perfect for 2015!   In what seemed like the snap of a finger, Satu and Celeste had t-shirts produced and a web-site up and running.  The t-shirts are Made In NYC and work with everything.  Unisex sizes available. 

*Just added* -awesome iphone cases for iphone 5 or 6!! Buy them for everyone you know... who couldn't use one?? 

Did I mention stackable enameled rings?  AMAZING.. multiple colors for multiple fingers / occasions.  It's hard to keep up with these ladies..  click around to find out more info:

Shop the Brand at Opening Ceremony,  the designers website - Tuleste.com, or now in thier collaboration with DressBarn - True by Tuleste.   Of course at www.GetOffMeNYC.com

Ok, now #GetOffMe and go shop TULESTE!!!  - Click images for more info and to shop.GET OFF ME - SHIRTS / IPHONE CASES



Wrinkles are not chic - Mizzen & Main to the rescue.. 

MIZZEN & MAIN -YELLOW GINGHAM SPREAD COLLAR SHIRT - $125.00As regular readers know, I don't usually write about Men's fashion.  Why?  I'm not sure, but basically I don't find many things in Menswear that noteworthy.   Sure there are iconic brands like Salvatore Ferragamo and Hermes that always have something amazing to dream about, but menswear for the most part is pretty classic. GRAY GINGHAM SPREAD COLLAR SHIRT - MIZZEN & MAIN For everyday there are a few collections that are go-to-cool again and again - J.Crew and Jachs NY are two in particluar. 

However I just discovered a collection that is really innovative and interesting, two things I rarely find in one place.  

Mizzen & Main is a collection of shirts, jackets, and t-shirts (there is now denim I can't wait to try) made by athletes for athletes - or at least those with an active lifestyle.   This is a Made In America brand that uses innovative fabrics that wick moisture away from the body, stretches, and can be machine washed and hung dry.  No ironing.  No dry cleaning.   Seriously.  The shirts have a really cool fit, look great under a jacket or on their own, and are available in a range of colors and prints. SIX PACK SPECIAL - SIX SHIRTS FOR $620.00 - BEAT THAT.. I DARE YOU! 

These shirts are an awesome idea for anyone that travels for work.  ( They could have saved me hours of ironing / effort over the years when I was on the road).   Knowing you have shirts that are ready to go can make you feel that much more confident and relaxed when you are away from home. When you're in a strange hotel,  feeling jet lagged, and trying to find a place to eat something that won't break the diet too bad, it's Mizzen & Main to the rescue!  MIZZEN & MAIN DETAILS

The Made in USA factor is really cool.  Even if the shirts didn't fit so great, I woul cut them some slack for being made stateside - but they DO fit.  The shirts are also well priced.  For a fabric this soft, that wicks moisture, and looks so important - I challenge you to find one priced at $125.00.  Even cooler, you can order 6 for $620.00.  One six pack and you are set for the season!

click images to shop now.   Try one.   You'll like it.  Then .. get a six pack and never worry about a wrinkled shirt again.  #Brilliant!!  You can also follow them on social media.. there's always something cool going on with the brand.  click for FACEBOOKInstagram, Twitter





ALL BUTTONED UP AT GUCCI Spring 2015 is bringing a refreshing return to more straight forward clogs!  At one point in 2010,11, & 12 it seemed like designers were throwing everything but the kitchen sink into their shoe designs. PALE BLUE DENIM PATCHWORK   PLATFORM IN PINK AT BALLY The clean palette walking runways this year in NY, Milan, & Paris is retro and modern at the same time.  Spring 2015 is all about the 70's.. not so much bell-bottoms (a few) and lava lamps.. but jumpsuits, suede dusters, clogs, and platform shoes of all kinds are right on! PLATFORM CLOGS FROM THE UK -MULBERRY Take a look at all the references from the 1970's - many had been retooled looks from the 30's and 40's.  Perhaps it's no mystery that in 2015 once again these styles seem fresh, clean, and new.   #CLOGSPEASANT POETS AT CHLOE - SPRING 2015

At Chloe, a key looks was the peasant blouse, dark denim, and flats. 

At Salvatore Ferragamo, the look was inspired by archive pieces that Salvatore himself designed in the 1930's.  It was Ferragamo who is credited with creating many of the styles that are classics today.  Actually, Salvatore Ferragamo was the first designer to create a designer "brand" of creating custom shoes for Hollywood starlets in the 1920's.   Amazing.MORE 40'S THAN 70'S AT PRADA

Wooden clogs brought serious 70's style at Mulberry, Bally, Prada, and Rosetta Getty.

At Louis vuitton, the denim trend continued but washed with Vuitton charm heels. 

Suede dresses and dusters, camera bags, and sandals killed it at Gucci.

These looks all make strong statements when worn head-to-toe, but all can be worked into any fashionable wardrobe as an item. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO - NEW "RAINBOW" WEDGE PLATFORM SLIDE  What's your favorite look?  clogs?STELLA McCARTNEY PLATFORM HEEL FAUX LEATHER  Earth-tone Suede?

Choose a look and swing into the 70's vibe.. it looks like these styles will be in Vogue for several seasons.