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The iconic "New Look" from Christian Dior" circa 1947The Iconic CHANEL tweed skirt suit The iconic Thierry Mugler skirt suit - the new guard of fashion in the 1980'sThe Fall 2015 collections for women offer a wide variety of styles and looks.  To be a designer muse, or to emulate that certain look, has never been more selective.  Today, it's such melange.  From season to season one house can change dramatically.  From the 1950's until the 2000's, the select few that wore runway fashion were usually devotees of a certain degree.   Many woman wore one designer, and that was HER look.   For all those years there were iconic Dior Ladies, Givenchy Ladies, Chanel Ladies, Oscar Ladies, Mugler Ladies, and Armani ladies for sure.  Those women rarely overlapped their wardrobe choices.  In fact, many wore it like a badge of honor. 

In recent years designers know that very few women shop at just one fashion house. DONATELLA VERSACE FOR GIVENCHY - FALL 2015 Arguably, we can look to the rise in relevance of luxury accessories for this effect.   As RTW sales decreased, and Handbag and Shoe sales increased - loyalty to just one house also decreased. 

There are many great looks from the 2015 Fall collections.  One jacket that seems to be popping up again and again is the asymmetric peplum design from GivenchyRiccardo Tischi is the designer behind the label and he is at his best when creating fitted, clean lines that cut a mean silhouette. There are several versions of the jacket in the collection for Fall.  As is often the case, the more exaggerated are in the campaign.  One reason the jacket, and the campaign have gotten some extra buzz is due to Tischi's model choice for the ad campaign.  Fashion designer and friend - Donatella Versace herself stars in the campaign.   It's quite a publicity stunt of course.   To have one of the biggest designers in fashion appearing in the campaign of one of the most recognized luxury houses - it's rare to say the least.   While Donatella might not be on any list of "models in demand", she is a strong, stylish woman.   Few could have navigated the global spotlight she was thrust into after the murder of her brother Gianni.  She not only took the helm of VERSACE, but many say elevated the sophistication of the brand.  RICCARDO TISCHI AND DONATELLA VERSACE - GIVENCHY FALL 2015 Donatella is known for her dresses.   That's the piece to own of Versace, a dress.   Tischi has found his signature item in the jacket in his designs at Givenchy.   So in a way, the cross promotion in not in competition.   They complement each other.   Naturally, they are friendly in real life.   Donatella has an allure that casts a wide net.   Lady Gaga wrote a song about her, Tishci has now made her a fashion model.  What's next - ambassador Versace?

The Fall Givenchy collection is in stores now.  In the US, it is carried at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks 5th Avenue, and select specialty stores.   Cotton or wool jackets generally run in the $3,100.00 range.   


David Geist and his musical life.. from NY to Santa Fe

David Geist doing what he loves to do best.. PH: courtesy of David GeistI love NYC for so many reasons.  One that I think of often: how lucky I am to meet, cross paths with, and sometimes just experience extremely talented people.  I caught up with Broadway musician David Geist who played in Cats, Miss Saigon, The Lion King, The Boy From Oz and a host of other shows.   Today, David lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and brings his music to Pranzo Geist Cabaret.  We talked about the importance of fashion for performers and what it’s like walking away from New York’s classic all black attire to embracing the wonderfully vibrant colors and designs of the Southwest. 

1. When you moved to Santa Fe, did you have to give up your black neutral NYC wardrobe?

Absolutely, not! I’m an urban fellow and my style reflects that. 

2.  You recently released a new CD called Inside the Flame.  What were you trying to capture with CD’s artwork?

  The “flame” aspect represents our creative force. That to me is fiery, emotional, wild, unpredictable, raw and powerful. I wanted the artwork of my CD to capture this and one of Santa Fe’s premiere art designers Jasmine Quinsier helped me achieve this and more!

 3.  How important is style when you’re performing your Cabaret show?  Do your patrons prefer you in a tux, suit or casual wear?

 I think costuming is crucial in any kind of performance. When I am doing shows that are mostly American Songbook-oriented – I will wear a lot of black and white – to give the feeling of being of in New York during the old black & white movie days. No tuxes, but very dressy solids to give-off the strength of skyscrapers in a Metropolitan whirl. When I’m doing shows that have more original compositions, I may wear something very flowing like a beautiful Tibetan shirt to give a relaxed emotional aspect, that will help an audience let go a bit more in their minds.  

Pranzo Italian Cafe (Home of Geist Cabaret) in Santa Fe, NM4.  Your Cabaret room Pranzo Geist Cabaret is in Santa Fe, New Mexico. How has the Southwest fashion affected your own sense of style?

I bring a certain experience I got from the city to this desert oasis called Santa Fe. At first I wasn’t sure how it would be received, but as soon as I got here I realized that there was an appreciation for classic Broadway musicals. There are a lot of folks who live here who also came from places like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and they want to be reminded of their urban beginnings so I’m sort-of the go-to-guy for that. Sometimes I when I’m driving to a gig in very sophisticated clothes surrounded by all these mountains it may feel incongruous. But as soon as I enter the cabaret room and start to perform this glorious music, it all comes together in one swanky package. In a sense, the southwest has helped me represent and an elegance that wants to be celebrated here.TURQUOISE AND SILVER - LEGENDARY SANTA FE STYLE

 5. Who do you think was more stylish – Gershwin, Porter, or Irving Berlin?   

Probably Cole Porter because he came from a wealthy family, went to Yale and lived in Paris. Porter was very much aware that he was part of an upper class that he loved to poke fun of. Gershwin and Berlin were more part of American’s immigrant story and their music reflected that. All these men had impeccable taste regarding their style, as did most men who lived in the first half of the twentieth century.


6. Do you model your own style based on any past or present day artists?

I love how Elton John treats his shows like they’re parties he’s dressed for. The rockers have more style. I think the cabaret-concert world is starting to catch on that people like to see their artists having a ball! Lang Lang is a great example of that.

7.    The southwest is known for vibrant colors and homemade jewelry.  In terms of fashion, what catches your eye in New Mexico?

This strongest aspect of New Mexico is the preservation of Native American culture. We have festivals that celebrate this and it is rich and gorgeous in its art, fashion and storytelling. PIANIST LANG LANGPhotographers and painters come from all over the world because of our relationship to the sun and its light. The hues of purple, orange and lavender skies are no joke here and I’ve been completely inspired by our majestic red mountains. You can’t live here and not be influenced by this. I paid tribute to this on my latest CD with a piece called “The Letter”.

8.    What is one outfit you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing at your show?

 A cowboy hat and some turquoise - maybe if I was a blues musician!

If you plan to visit Santa Fe, include a night of great food and really great piano at Pranzo Geist Santa Fe.   David Geist's music, including his new album is also avaialble for download.  Click David Geist itunes to shop



Caitlyn, formerly Bruce, Jenner on Vanity Fair Cover

CAITLYN JENNER MAKES HER DEBUT TO THE WORLD ON VANITY FAIR PH: ANNIE LEIBOWITZ I swore I would never write about the Kardashians.   I'm so glad I was able to keep that promise and still report on the biggest tranformation we will see in a long time.  The person formerly known as  Bruce Jenner has made a debut of their new self on the cover of Vanity Fair.   The Olympic gold medalist informed the world last month via an interview with Diane Sawyer that, yes, in fact, she was identifying as female.   With their own reality show about to debut, Jenner took to Vanity Fair to show the world this new self.   Caitylyn Jenner, shot by famed Photographer Annie Leibowitz is the cover girl of the July issue.   Sure to be a best seller, Caitlyn is definitely poised to write the next chapter of her life - truly on her terms.  Bravo to Ms. Jenner.   Whatever angle you look at the situation, the route to expressing their true self was not easy.   This took courage and guts.  Maybe we shouldn't be too surprised.  You don't become the "World's Greatest Athlete" without being tough as nails!  Bravo Bravo Bravo!   To get exclusive access to the 22 page story and photos, click over to Vanity Fair now.    Looks like Kim won't be the Kardashian to "Break The Internet".



TOMS SHOES EVER EVOLVING STYLES - CLICK TO SHOP AT NORDSTROMI spend most of my professional life ( ok, a good portion of my personal life too)TOM'S FLAG - CHARITY FOR PROFIT - A NEW BUSINESS MODEL surrounded by designer fashion, accessories, and home furnishings that cost a small fortune.  Handcrafted luxury goods have to be very expensive because there is no other way to create items in Europe and America.  

Rarely do I get excited enough about every day pieces to want to write about them, but Tom's Shoes are in a class all on their own.  The company, founded by Blake Mycoskie was created to sell shoes that would provide a pair for poor children for every pair that was sold.  #OneForOne was the concept, and it quickly became a phenomenon.  A PATRIOTIC PAIR OF TOM'S FOR MEN - NEW FOR SPRING - $53.95 Since 2006, the company has provided over 35 million shoes to kids in need.   The eye-wear collection was started in 2011, and has restored sight to over 275,000 children. TOM'S DELRAY SNEAKER - $78.95 The Coffee roasting division was started in 2014 and has provided over 67,000 weeks of clean water to families in developing countries.  The new bag collection launching in 2015 will provide birth kits and training to those that deliver babies in the poorest of countries.DELREY TOE DETAIL    Add to all of this amazing charitable work the fact that the company makes cool shoes you want to wear.  More amazing, they don't cost a fortune, are easy to travel in, and have become one of the trendiest shoes to be seen wearing. TOM'S MEN'S CLASSIC SLIP ON - $43.95-$47.95 - SHOWN IN NAVY (AVAILABLE IN RANGE OF COLORS

The iconic department store Nordstrom has built a strong following with it's reputation of wonderful customer service.  For over 100 years the store has provided impeccable service, quality products, in pristine retail settings.  Now with over 100 full service department stores, and almost 200 off-price stores the chain has a unique position.TOM'S POLARIZED AVIATORS - $149.00 - MORE STYLES AVAILABLE   It caters to a wide range of clients who might feel just as comfortable at Macy's or Neiman Marcus.  Somehow, Nordstrom serves all price points. BABY TOM'S - CUTEST GIFT EVER? - $31.95 - SHOWN IN RED - (AVAILABLE IN RANGE OF COLORS)

Starting with simple canvas slip-ons, the brand has evolved to sneakers, suede lace ups, woven leather, and more.   There are men's & women's, children's, and now baby shoes!

You should buy the shoes to be charitable, but you'll buy them because you like them.  Once you wear them, you will love them.  If you travel, you must own a pair. TOM'S HUARACHE TOE DETAIL In fact, I can't believe you already don't have at least one pair.   I might have 10.. no joke.   Having started as a shoe store in Seattle, it's no wonder that Nordstrom has an impressive shoe department in every store today.  While women's shoe departments have become trendy in the last 10 years, Nordstrom has be doing double duty with amazing Men's and Women's shoe departments for decades.TOM'S HUARACHE FLAT - $78.95

Shop these and so many more Tom's styles at Nordstrom now.  There are more in-store, but you can click images to buy dozens of options now.  TOM'S VIAJE SNEAKER - $78.99 They make a great Father's Day gift for the cool dad in your life! #FathersDayGift  - Click any of the links or images to shop for shoes now! JUST A FEW OF MY FAVORITE LOOKS FROM TOM'S - I DARE YOU TO BUY JUST ONE! - PH JASON JOBSON