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Feeling Grateful and Blessed on a Sunday Afternoon

When the world seems like a big, bad, crazy place - a lazy weekend in Connecticut is just what the doctor ordered.




The Evening Star of NYFW Returns - Victor Alfaro Spring 2016

VICTOR ALFARO SPRING 2016Twenty years ago when the Olsen Twins were starring on Full House, and Victoria Beckham was sulking her way around the world as a Spice Girl, the hottest name in the New York Fashion scene was Victor Alfaro.  Victor's use of color, his effortless evening dresses, and his infectious sense of humor and quick wit made him one of the most sought after American designers of his generation.  VICTOR ALFARO SPRING 2016In a short time, fashion editors, socialites, and celebrities were regular visitors to his West Village atelier.    Mariah Carey, The Miller Sisters,  Anna Wintour, and too many super models to name were coming and going - and wearing Victors's latest designs. VICTOR ALFARO SPRING 2016 Magazine covers, dinners with Madonna, and a loyal following - Alfaro made an impact that reached far beyond New York Fashion Week and 7th Avenue.   

Over the next 20 years, this creative powerhouse would produce his collection in Italy via a large Italian house of knitwear, Hold the creative director title at TSE Cashmere, Become Creative Director of a huge contemporary brand with a tween target audience (Wet Seal), nationwide distribution with a signature collection at department store BonTon, as well as a home collection at BonTon - CASA by Victor Alfaro, and then creating an internet project promoting major works of modern art (Think Zaha Hadid).   It's exhausting for most people to read his accomplishments- let alone think of pulling them off.  For Victor Alfaro, it's all in a days work.  An energy level rarely seen in people past the age of 18 is just one of the keys to Victor's success.   Alfaro is a do-er.  A no nonsense, no bullshit kind of guy - in an industry too often filled with nonsense and bullshit behavior.VICTOR ALFARO SPRING 2016

Fashion editors, fashion merchants, and the ladies who luxe were all excited to hear that Victor Alfaro was returning to the runway.   Having spent several years away, Victor is back - and with his chic vision of the designer client of 2015.   Fall 2015 is in stores now.. (Barneys NY just hosted a luncheon in Chicago last week).  For Fall, Alfaro really got his groove back - for Spring 2016 - he's never been stronger.   The fluid shapes, his unique use of color, and of course - his sense of draping.  His designs flatter women (with or without curves), and really envelope them in luxury.   Only the finest fabrics, and tailored in Italy and the USA.    Limited in production, and timeless - two calling cards of true luxury items.

Click over to Victor Alfaro now to see more.   Also Visit Barneys NY to shop what is available right this minute.



Drawn That Way - Michael Ward's Life-In-Style 

MICHAEL WARD'S TAKE ON SALVATORE FERRAGAMO FALL 2015If you have any interest in the fashion world, you know there is a new trend in the Fashion Press, taking a piece of the hysteria around the oh-so-popular "street style" blogs / editorials.  Finally, a return to some artistry.  Something a bit more romantic and whimsical from creative artists and designer illustrators .   Illustrations and fashion sketches are a welcomed diversion from dressed up fashionistas in painfully "natural" photo-ops.   ("Street Style" shots from a studied eye like the Sartorialist are great, but others have really muddied the water).  After all, you don't really think all those girls are actually invited to those shows they are shot "on the way to" - #Puhlease !! TOM FORD & CARINE ROITFELD - BY DONALD "DRAWBERTSON" ROBERTSON

The celebrated sketches of Donald Robertson aka #Drawbertson are everywhere.  His instagram account counts 156k followers to date.  His creative take on headlines and red hot fashion is always entertaining - and intriguing.  If you don't know Drawbertson - put him on your list now.

DIOR Couture Spring 2015 as told by Michael WardOne super talented illustrator and fashion designer is Michael WardDries Van Noten Springl 2015 by Michael Ward    (MichaelWardNYC on Instagram).  Ward might look familiar to those who watch reality television as he is the man behind several interior designer and fashion stylist- turned designers #RTW collections.  He's been known in the industry for years and now for the first time coming front-of-house.  Ward's sketches are usually profile and his ladies STRIDE like a #Supermodel from the 90's - watch out!  Michael is bound to become the next Drawbertson (he already announced a partnership with a fabric company).

So be on the lookout for this guy and his talented sketches.  They are always inspiring, pretty, and beautiful.... how many things can you say that about?  Thank you for the re-mind Mr. Ward.  Fashion should be beautiful.  #WhatAConcept #Bravo #Pretty #Brilliant #MichaelWard

Click on illustrations to see how they looked in real life.  #ClickOverALLESANDRO DELL'AQUA'S NO. 21 - RESORT 16