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SWAROVSKI & PHILIPPS USB DRIVEThe spring season has been gloomy and gray in NYC this year.   The drizzly, cool days of spring have lingered on and on.   Swarovski changed all that last week when they unveiled the biggest sparkle to hit retail in 2009.   The Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED Boutique opened at 499 Broadway in Soho, NYC with a bang and crowd that lined up down the block to get in on the bling!SWAROVSKI TINKER-BELL

When you think Swarovski, you might think figurines.   You would be right.  The company has been the master of fine crafted figurines and sculpted crystals for over 100 years.   In 1895 Daniel Swarovski revolutionized the world of cut glass with his innovation that would change his destiny.   He had created a new technique in cutting  crystal and was wise to quickly patent his invention.   From the very beginning, the company has been innovative and forward thinking as to what they can bedazzle next!  Now with the help of the 4th and 5th generation, the company is still family owned.

Every major fashion house has at one time or another worked with Swarovski to work their magic on the latest dress, bag, shoe, or of course jewelry piece.SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS BY THE MILE!WALL OF LIGHT CRYSTALS -BLUE & GREEN

The latest concept in the Swarovski retail world is CRYSTALLIZED.   The idea is to personalize your jewelry by choosing each element and build your own look.   The store is line with the WALL OF LIGHT that has thousands and thousands of choices - ranging in color and shape.   With prices starting at $4 or $5 dollars a bead - the concept appeals to a wide range of audience.   The marketing is wise for Swarovski as the appeal of crystal is staggering.   There are over 400,000 members of the Swarovski Crystal Society .

The idea of customized jewelry continues to grow.  As I mentioned in the article on Whimsy Worldwide rings - women the world over are taking more control over the design of the jewelry they choose to wear.

The opening party was packed beyond believe.   My friend and I got claustrophobic just trying to get to the bar.   There were a handful of celebs there - but honestly .. it wasn't their night.   It was all about the stars on the walls -and in the cases!SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL COLUMN OF LIGHT

The centerpiece of the store is an amazing column of light chandelier that has hundreds of thousands of crystals and is two stories tall as it lights up the staircase.   The column of light evokes a sense of glamour similar ot the 81st Academy Awards Ceremony.   DAVID ROCKWELL OSCARSYou might remember - the academy tapped design master David Rockwell to design the set.   Mr. Rockwell commissioned Swarovski to sparkle the stage and curtain with over 1 million crystals!

You can add some sparkle to just about anything you like.  I do mean anything- From a USB drive to your Wii, to your Nespresso Coffee Maker.   Oh yeah, there is the jewelry too!SWAROVSKI'D NESPRESSO

If you are in NYC this summer, hit the boutique on Broadway - just around the corner is the pop up shop for Nespresso.  I'll have more on that soon, but grab an iced coffee and all of your $2 charge will go to charity.   The concept of the pop up shop will not disappoint.   a caffeine fix rarely comes in the form of charitable donation - so take advantage of it while you can!



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