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THE MOUNTAIN PARADISE NEAR FOUX d'ALLOS, FRANCE PH: JASON JOBSONWhat's more memorable than a song of the Summer?  As powerful as a striking Summer sunset or the lingering cologne of a long faded Summer crush, songs we play over and over when the temperature is scorching have a way of marking these memories forever.  Every Summer has a song that sticks.  The minute I hear the first few notes of these favorite tunes, I'm transported back, sometimes years.. and I'm left nostalgic and excited - at the same time.

A few Summers ago I took a dreamy car trip through the Lower French & Italian Alps.  One week to escape the heat of the beach, during an extended holiday that seems impossible to believe - One month on the French Riviera!  (I know, I'm still pinching myself).    During this restful road trip, Jessie J was on my ipod and I listened to Price Tag and Nobody's Perfect at least 500 times!   The sleepy Summer mood of the popular ski chalets of La Foux d'Aloss was just what the Dr. Ordered for rest and relaxation.   Long naps, longer hikes, fresh air, and homemade wood fired pizza in a friends Chalet.. maybe it was a dream.

Back on the Riviera.. zipping around in a new Fiat 500... I can still hear the base vibrating as Usher's SCREAM pumping from the sound system as I would shift gears around windy turns.. heading between Cannes, St. Tropez, and St. Rapahel.   I'll never forget these days, and I can't wait to return.

This Summer?  There is so much to choose from.. let's listen to a few:

What are your favorite Summer songs?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Click Album covers or links below to sample the Summer songs of 2013.   Don't forget your SPF!


Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadess 

Daft Punk - Get Lucky

Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines



MILEY CYRUS GIVING YOU ANGST - PLAYFULLY IN "WE CAN'T STOP"With the release of "We Can't Stop Miley Cyrus has made the transition from the tween queen of Disney fame to the all grown up LA Music Scene.   The styling of the video is as hypnotic as the tune of this coming of age ode to partying.   Think Beastie Boys for a generation of touch screen swipers, and Olivia Newton John leotards meets a West Coast version of Kids (the movie) style house parties.    The video is a visual orgy of images, with a key focus on Miley and her new adult persona.  Miley is stunningly beautiful, and even though the video is her attempt at a raunchy "I"m not Disney" performance, you still just want to pinch her cheeks.   This is what happens when you grow up in Beverly Hills and want to rebel.   With the biggest names is music and video production behind her, "We Can't Stop" has a level of sophistication and innocence that you never felt when another former Disney star decided to get "Dirty" with her break out single.   However, Christina was also absolutely "BEAUTIFUL".   Miley is sure to be influencing fans and performers - young and old- take note.  Watch "WE CAN'T STOP" below.   47 Million people already have!! 



BANKRUPT - PHOENIXThe Parisian quartet Phoenix follows up their 2009 Grammy winning Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix with Bankrupt - an homage to the 80's with smooth synch and electro pop tunes that will have anyone over 25 swooning with nostalgia. GRAMMY WINNER  Think Prince's Purple Rain, Bananarama is your Venus, and Madonna not quite like a virgin here.   The single Drakkar Noir is a tongue-in-cheek backhand to the homogeneous bourgeois that passes today for high society, achieved by reference to the fragrance that would dominate the 80's.  What started as one of the first fashionable men's fragrance by French fashion house Guy Laroche, would become almost a parody of the decade and the trendy, upscale mall rat.  To no fault of it's own, Drakkar was a casualty to the excess of American suburbia that was the 80's.  While the Bonfire of the Vanities is back in more ways than one (see TRIBECA or Chelsea in NYC),  Phoenix just might bring back Drakkar Noir.   After all, it did smell terrific!  CLICK IMAGES TO LEARN MORE.

Check out the latest album from Phoenix today.  These guys are as patriotic for the USA as any foreign band ever could be!