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Say U.N.C.L.E. to Guy Ritchie

If you haven't seen The Man From U.N.C.L.E, directed by Guy Ritchie - then you haven't seen the best action / romantic drama of 2015.  Ritchie's style of shoot-em-up old world glamour have never been better.   Clearly romanced by the 60's his references are often retro, so set in the height of the cold war (1963) - Ritchie is really in his element with this film.  This big screeen adaptaion of hte hit 60's TV series is set inside a CIA / KGB power struggle to contain nuclear weapons in the hands of a mafia stronghold.  Representing the US - Henry Cavill.  Every bit the Superman in his fine tailored suiting, Cavill has the charm and ease to portray an undercover CIA agent.  In the Russian corner - Armie HammerHammer (Social Network) is a 2015 designer wearing version of Dolf Lundgren's Drago from the Rocky movies.   Brute force kept underwraps, almost The Hulk without radiation.  Adding the element of romance and sexual tension is the unwilling spitfire mechanic played by Alicia Vikander (Ex-Machina).  Her character is complicated, and her Audrey Hepburn / "My Fair Lady" like makeover in perfect 60's style is worth watching the film in itself. 

At the helm of that dark force is one of the best femme fatale characters I've ever seen on screen.  I'd challenge anyone to find a better portrayal of the glamour and evil represented by this archetype than seen here by Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby).  She oozes seduction and evil.   I went on my Summer holiday to the South of France just after seeing this film, and I was looking for Ms. Debicki to turn the corner when I was in any glamorous setting on the Riviera!

The Costuming, cinematography, and direction are seamless.   Dizzying at times, it's a sheer pleasure to watch.   Hats off - and hopefully Oscar nominations for Joanna Johnston's Costume Design, John Mathieson's Cinematography, Guy Ritchie's Direction, and of course various nominations for the cast.

Bravo Guy Ritchie.   The Cold War never looked so Hot!  See the film now, while it's still in theaters..  watch the trailer below.



One of the most written about characters in modern literature has once again made his way to the big screen.  Brought to us by director Guy Ritchie, this Sherlock Holmes is a version like you have not seen.   While the hero has been a favorite with readers for over 100 years, you never saw him like this.   Ripped, roaring drunk, and even knocking it out Fight Club style!   Brought to life by Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, it seems the cosmic forces were pulling for a blessed project for all these of these men.    DOWNEY JR. AS SHERLCOK HOLMES

Ritchie, Downey, and Law have all had a trying couple of years.   Ok, for Downey it was a decade or so, but the success of IRON MAN and now Sherlock Holmes means he is one of few actors in Hollywood to ever have two movie franchises heating up at the same time!  who would have thought? 

While Jude Law has always been well received in his films, he rarely has the spark with movie goers that he has ignited with his portrayal of Watson.

Guy Ritchie of course is a celebrated movie maker, but I have never been a huge fan.   While I appreciate his work, I always fee like he makes the same movie - over and over again.  (Snatch & Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels).  The synopsis being there are a bunch of guys who are going to smack the hell out of each other - after a chase scene.

I am a big fan, however, of his technique of bringing you so close to the action.   During the fight scenes, you feel like you are in the fight.   Many times, you can't even register what is happening, as you feel as disoriented at the guy being punched.   This really works in Sherlock Holmes and brings a grittiness and a physical brawn to a Character that has at times in other versions, come across so old fashioned and persnickety.

One of the big stars of the film are the costumes!  Transporting us to another time and place - the detail and design are the best tailoring seen on the big screen in some time!

Of course, Mr. Ritchie spent most of the last 8 years in the press for his personal life with Madonna.   They do say that success is the best revenge.  Not that I'm saying revenge is called for in that case!

Side note:  I am going to once again predict that Sean Penn and Madonna are going to find their way back together.   I said it here first over a year ago - but now that they are both divorced - perhaps it doesn't sound so crazy.

Go see Sherlock Holmes.   You will enjoy it - and there is a sequel coming - so you want to be caught up!  

If you are planning a trip to London- visit the official Sherlock Holmes Museum! Also, read more about the creator of Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle.

Watch the trailer below: