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SIA and her 1000 Forms Of Fear - MUST HEAR 

SIA'S CHART TOPPING ALBUM - 1000 FORMS OF FEAR - CLICK TO BUY SONGSThe freshest voice to come on the scene in 2015 is actually a music veteran responsible for some of the biggest hits on the last 10 years.   Huh?  Yes, you read that right. SIA, the platinum bobbed moving shag with the voice that could start a revolution is a star music maker that that has been behind the scenes for years.   Writing hits for Rhianna, Britney, Beyonce, and more.. her rhymes and rhythms are hypnotic and emotional.  DANCER MADDIE ZEIGLER & SIA Her voice is soulful and as an experienced vocalist, Sia is not afraid to cracks notes as she brings these songs to life.Her voice is soulful and as an experienced vocalist, Sia is not afraid to cracks notes as she brings these songs to life.

Ok, the elephant in the room is that SIA has decided not to show her face publicly in support of her albums.  Ever.  While she continues to perform live and on television, the singer has opted to obscure her face with wigs and maskes.   Sia also made child dancer Maddie Ziegler an equal part of her performance with creative dance routines in tune with the mood of each song.  Somehow together, the two distract from the fact that Sia is hiding in plain sight.  In fact, the combined performance of SIA and Maddie are undoubtedly the most creative thing we've seen in the music industry in years.   You must listen to a few tracks on this album.  In fact, i'm sure it is one you will be playing again and again.  Also, you should do yourself a favor and watch as much of SIA and Maddie as you can youtube.   It's a treat.   Watch her video ELASTIC HEART below.   Shia LaBeouf guest stars.

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