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DOUGLAS HANNANT - SPRING 2010There is a look and a feel to certain fashion collections that make them a calling card for their country of origin.  While it is hard to describe just what it is, you know it when you see it.  Christian Dior is that way for France.   Gucci is that way for Italy, and Douglas Hannant is all American. 

Designer clothing from America is totally unique.   While it can have the sophistication of a Parisian collection, there is a practicality to the look that separates it.   While it can have the sex appeal of an Italian collection, there is a Patrician undertone that remains at the core.DOUGLAS HANNANT -SPRING 2010

Douglas Hannant touches on  these design codes when he is creating, his now decade old, runway collection.   Hannant has developed a strong following of socialites and shopping sprites who appreciate beautiful clothing - but don't love a logo or a label to upstage them.  Usually, that means a woman who is more confident or one that is more conservative - an interesting contradiction.   What we saw after the fallout of 2009 is a parting of the seas for fashion shoppers.   Suddenly, the ladies not wearing letters twined around their tiny waists were the cool chicks.  Many women felt they were all logo'd up - with nowhere to go!    Collections like Hermes, Bottega Venetta, and Douglas Hannant and the ladies who love them don't have that issue.   Fans of these collections know that they are paying for the craftsmanship, the quality of the raw materials, and the unique design. 

DOUGLAS HANNANT AT THE PLAZAHannant loves color and is accommodating to his devoted ladies who know he will always have what they need - something pretty and appropriate.   Like the American design legend Bill Blass, Douglas Hannant is as comfortable designing a smart skirt suit - or that dramatic evening gown.   Naturally, he dresses the ladies who lunch in NY, Palm Beach, and all over the country.   What sets Hannant apart from many well known American collections is the fact that he also dresses their daughters. DOUGLAS HANNANT AT THE PLAZA  Something in the way Hannant uses fabrics and color - lends his design to the young and sexy girls, as well as the sensual but more conservative lady.   He has not become a resource for just "the party dress", or just "the gown".    His looks would be as flattering to Betsy Bloomingdale as they would to Daphne Guinness. 

As if the space were chosen by the casting department for some super stylish sequel to Breakfast at Tiffany's, Hannant opened his first ever boutique in the fabled Plaza Hotel in NYC.   The historic property famously underwent a 200 million dollar renovation two years ago, and has opened it's luxury retail center in stages.   The Plaza stands for everything that is American glamour ( even more now since the property is no longer in the grasp of The Donald!).   Hannant's boutique is right at home.   (The Plaza is also home to the fabulous French perfume collection - KRIGLER).

DOUGLAS HANNANT -SPRING 2010New York is a tough town, and the fashion world is a tough business.  To make it in this business for more than a decade requires more than great taste.   Tenacity and wise business decisions are critical.  DOUGLAS HANNANT Douglas and partner Frederic Anderson understand how to balance image and business- art and commerce.  The two have stayed true to the vision of the company and have found a way to flourish.  Timing is also a key ingredient.  While many companies had overextended themselves with crazy expansions in 07 and 08, Hannant was carefully planning his first retail boutique.  Not having gotten into retail at that crazy height in the commercial real estate bubble was brilliant.   

Another wise decision is the development of Hannant's Bridal collection - a natural extension of what he does for runway.    What better way to develop a client for years to come?  After all, if you can make her shine on the most important  day of her life, won't she also trust you to dress her for lunch?

For more information on all collections, visit the website.   

Plan a day to visit The Plaza, the Douglas Hannant Boutique, and Krigler Parfums.   All three are great examples of the beauty and savoir-faire that New York has to offer.  



Now that we finally have some great summer weather here in NYC, I thought I would give some quick gift ideas to all of you heading to a friends weekend house anytime soon.  With many of us watching our budgets more than ever this year - you might not be renting that Hamptons share you have in the past.   If that is the case, I'll bet you will be a guest of your friends who has a weekend retreat to call their own!    If you are a guest for the weekend - don't forget that you must bring a small token of your appreciation for your host or hostess.    While many people are favoring more practical gifts this year, don't forget that you should think of something your friend might not buy for themselves - but would really enjoy.

I have three companies that have very chic products that will appeal to a wide range of tastes.

KRIGLER -ESTABLISHED COGNAC - $59.00Krigler is a 5th generation perfumer that I have written about before.   The collection of candles, parfum, and soaps are made in small batches in the company workshop near Grasse, France.   The same techniques and formulas are employed today that were created by the Patriarch of the family over 100 years ago.    The company re-launched the collection earlier this year in The Plaza Shoppes in New York City.

You can also order products on the company website.    One of my favorite things in the  collection is the Established Cognac Candle pictured.   There is a great balance between sweet and musk in the cognac scent.   You might think a candle is a cliche gift - however - these are so luxurious - they are unlike any your host has ever burned!

Visit the website www.Krigler.com or call 212-371-1122   to order your items today.

Next up is a collection of gifts that covers everything from platters to coasters to waste bins.   John Derian is an interesting guy.  JOHN DERIAN PAPERWEIGHT -$30.00 He has transformed the arts and crafts technique of decoupage into a designer application that can hold its own with any high end decoration.   Celebrating 20 years, Mr. Derian has two shops in NYC on East 2nd street and also has a large selection available at Bergdorf Goodman on the coveted Decorative Home floor on 7.    His stores are full of such unique items it is worth the trip downtown - even if you are visiting NY and located mid-town.  When I left a very busy position last year at Chanel - a friend gave me my first piece from the collection - a paper weight that sits on my desk and inspires me every day!   Click on John Derian above to visit the website.

Last but certainly not least, is a collection from the South of France that is guaranteed to charm any host or hostess the minute they open the package.   Travaux En Cours  (TEC for short) is a collection of home/ garden accessories that are chic and colorful and not covered with logos.  TEC - HAND WOVEN STRAW TOTE - $150 AT B.G. What is so different about these aprons and totes are they are made from the finest fabrics from France and Italy, offered in bright happy colors, and are durable - as home products should be.   Designed by two women living on the French Riviera who wanted chic accessories that they could wear while cooking, gardening, or running to the market.

Bergdorf Goodman has a selection of the super chic stone-washed aprons and this beautiful hand woven tote- perfect for a day at the beach or running to the market.   The totes are available at BG in Blue, Pink, Chocolate, & White.   A great gift for your hostess - giving her an excuse to grab her favorite magazine and beach towel and head for the surf!     Call Berdorf Goodman at 212-558-1855 and ask for the Decorative Home department. 

Remember, no matter which items you choose - your host will appreciate the gesture and that you gave him or her something they didn't know about already.  Also keep in mind, you can spend a little more since you are saving money on that rental you didn't do!  See you in the Hamptons!



French Perfume house KRIGLER has an exciting new addition to the collection - just in time for Summer.  

As New York finally feels some warm weather in late April - the Krigler boutique at the Plaza Retail Collection unveils skin and body care.   The collection is unique in formulation and design.  One of the most intriguing products is a body lotion called Madison Secret.    The creamy lotion is non-greasy but very effective in moisturizing dry skin.   Madison Secret - along with all of the skin care lotions from Krigler are scented of cotton - a light and fresh smell that will not compete with your favorite fragrance.  

Madison Secret - an original formula from the company archives was created by the great great grandmother of 5th generation Perfumer - Ben Krigler.   Mr. Krigler tells the charming story of his great great grandmother's discovery of this alluring skin lotion.   Mademoiselle Krigler as it turns out was no shrinking violet in her own right.   She was in Paris during the 1920's and was the friend of many artists and singers and most of the avant-garde social set.   One friend was a femme fatale who never sat home on a Saturday night.   When Mademoiselle  Krigler asked her friend what her beauty secret was - her friend described a painstaking combination of essential oils, creams, and lotions she combined to leave just the right impression with her gentlemen friends.    Mme Krigler was instantly inspired.   She created the lotion and named it for her friend!

There are many options in the skin/body care line:

True Paradise - a shower gel to cleanse and also moisturize the skin!

Dazzling Oil - a calming oil that relieves tension and stress

Aloa Divine - a sweet cleansing milk

Sublime Star - a light and effective facial moisturizer

My personal favorite is Rich Micro Scrub.  a smoothing body scrub that utilizes ground olive pits as an exfoliating agent - brilliant!

The body and skin care items are perfect gifts for just about anyone you are shopping for.   What a treat to be able to introduce a friend to a collection they have never owned!   That is so rare - as most brands are so over-exposed and over distributed - they don't feel exclusive.  Krigler however has a steadfast belief in keeping strict control over the distribution of this family owned collection.

Krigler has just launched their on-line boutique on the newly revamped website.    The site will walk you through all products available and also explain the wonderful history of this gem of a company!

Stop by the Plaza Retail Collection today to see the Krigler Boutique - or shop at KRIGLER.COM now.  Don't forget the wonderful candles!