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Jane Fonda is one of the most unique voices in Hollywood.  How do you begin to talk about her life?  Born into Hollywood royalty as the daughter of the legendary Henry Fonda, Jane's life was complicated from the time she could walk.   Her parents relationship was far from perfect, to say the least.  Growing up as the daughter of this American icon, finding her own space in the world was confusing and challenging.

Fonda would become a famous actress in her own right and give groundbreaking performances that have now spanned 50 years.    From Barbarella, to Klute, to Agnes of God, to 9 to 5, to Monster-In-Law, Fond never fails to captivate audiences with every move.JANE FONDA - FITNESS EXPERT - click image

Along the way, she just happened to invent the concept of celebrity aerobics with The Jane Fonda Workout.   The series of video tapes would become the best selling fitness series in history - to this day!   They are still relevant and they still work!FONDA AS FUTURISTIC SEX KITTEN BARBARELLA - click image

Then there was the Political Activist Jane Fonda that caused a scandal during the Vietnam with her anti-war stance.  Jane shocked the world with her outspoken and provocative actions that came at a time when the country was so sensitive to the entire Vietnam situation. 

This past month, Fonda had heads turning again with her amazing fashion shots in Harper's Bazaar Magazine.  The actress now in her 70's was stunning in a full length gown AND a totally sheer panelled polka dot dress from Stella McCartney!  Who are you calling old??   Actually, in person Ms. Fonda is a true beauty.   I met the actress about three years ago on a flight from LA to Newark.  It was the red-eye flight and I was lucky enough to be upgraded to first class - of course Jane was there.   I was seated one row and 3 seats away from this legend.   She was in row 4A and I was in 3D.   I was never so disappointed with a seat assignment in my life!  So close, and yet so far.   The worst part about it was, I could hear her distinct voice and infectious laugh the whole night as she chatted with her seat partner!  I could have chatted with Jane for hours... Well the next morning at Newark airport I was cheered up.   As I stood half asleep waiting for the luggage to be released, I heard that voice ask in my ear "Is this the right carousel for our luggage?".   It was Fonda.   At least Jane had recognized me from the flight, it's all about making a first impression.   

Jane Fonda can teach anyone lessons about life on so many levels. CULT CLASSIC COMEDY - 9 TO 5  Rich and famous, or not, Fonda is a role model for women anywhere. JANE IN STELLA McCARTNEY- CLICK TO SHOP  She has made tough choices to live her life to the beat of her own drum.   Her audio book is narrated by the legend herself and to hear her voice tell this story is about as entertaining as a book can be.    Download the autobiography -My Life So Far- today and get it on your ipod.   It is the perfect inspirational listening to start your day in the morning, or help that evening commute to be a little more relaxing.  The book was released in 2003 and although it is not her latest book, you would hard-pressed to find a story more interesting! 

**Click Fonda's image above to download the ibook now**