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Yankee Stadium Retrospective - Stylishly Sporty

Attention Holiday shoppers.    I have the perfect gift to put on your list.   I guarantee you have someone in your life who would appreciate this beautiful book.

Yankee stadium is being looked at in a whole new light.  The only official retrospective of the stadium that is licensed by the New York Yankees is in stores now.   150 photos, many never before published give a complete tribute to the iconic landmark that is as legendary as the players that call it home.  

Authors  Mark Vancil and Alfred Santasiere III not only show us the wonderful photos - but also bring such a human touch to the story with first person accounts of the stadium from famous names such as President Bill Clinton, Paul McCartney,  and Muhammad Ali.   Major baseball names Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Yogi Berra also pay tribute. 

If not for your dad, mom, husband, boyfriend, there must be a brother or Uncle who would love it!  So many of us have memories of going to a baseball game with our dad  when we were kids.   My dad would always make us leave if  it was late in the game and the Yanks were going to lose.   I would be disappointed - now as a driver I can completely relate to his urge to beat the traffic!

Nothing says Americana like Yankee baseball.  The tribute really brings you back to a romantic period of American history, a kinder, gentler time.   The pinstripe uniforms are almost as recognizable as the Yankee logo.  Something about stripes.. remember - Coco Chanel was famous for wearing stripes knits herself.   Chanel was famous for borrowing traditionally masculine details into her wardrobe.  Cleats however have never had a fashion moment!

The book is available at major booksellers nationwide - or by visiting the official Yankees website or call (800) GO-YANKS.  The list price is $50.00 but if you search online  you might find  better prices.



THE BEAUTIFUL FALL - the story behind an ambitious climb -by Alicia Drake

Most people know the name Karl Lagerfeld.   KL has become world famous as the face behind the iconic House of CHANEL.    Karl seems to float through life on an effortless cloud...  aloof yet opinionated, visionary yet classic, never nostalgic, and an out of this world personality.    Yves Saint Laurent on the other hand had almost the exact opposite experience on Earth.   The legendary designer was reclusive and tormented by his own demons his whole life.   What most people don't know is the relationship between these two style icons.    They had the type of friendship that the youth of America would today call "frenemies".   Karl and Yves started their career the very same year in a national competition for the Wool Sydicate of France.  They were both winners in 1954 in different categories.    While Karl became more famous as a personality - Yves has the prestige from the start.

Alicia Drake weaves a wonderful tale that will have anyone with interest in fashion and celebrity turning page after page.   The name dropping of who's who of the 60's and 70's are amazing.    This was Paris and NY nightlife at its best - or should I say worst - depending how you look at it.   Think Drugs, Sex, & Glamour.    Maybe not in the order, but certainly a cocktail of the three!

The real story behind this 50 year animosity has more plot twists than a season of Desperate Housewives!

A must read for the fashion flock!   I think the book could almost be used as a textbook for the design industry due to the extent of fashion facts throw in along the way   Name a designer collection - its in there!!   click here to get a copy for yourself!  Amazon

I don't need to mention that Karl is the ringleader of our "six degrees of Fashionination".   Click here to see Karl's  personal transformation.



Greece to NY and The Last Day of Paradise..

With all the "reality" shows that run the networks these days, it is so refreshing to discover a novel that you can dive into as a distraction to all the noise around us.
The Last Day of Paradise is one of those books you pick up because of the interesting cover art and unusual title. It doesn't take long to discover the double entendre of the title and realize the book is not at all what you thought. That is how the best works of fiction usually hook you. What you think is coming doesn't - and what you find you weren't looking for!
The book is the coming of age story of a young girl named Sunday living in Greece. Her and her friends reject their parents repressive ideas of family and culture that shackle them to the past. The kids speak English to each other as a code of cool talk and to liberate themselves from the world of the past that lingers on.
The author, Kiki Denis was herself born and raised in Greece and is a longtime New Yorker. She is able to make us feel that sense of longing that is universal for any young person growing up in a small town. It is that universal ambition for more that we can all remember- the desire to expand your horizons and get out and see the world.
A first time author Ms. Denis uses a wonderful technique of switching into a unique dialect of broken English mixed with contemporary slang - so much fun to read and process!
Denis herself is a graduate of
Mount Holyoke College which is one of the most prestigious Universities in America. Actually, it is the founding University of the Seven Sisters - a network of Universities exclusively for Women to be the female alternative to the Ivy League schools for men. For Kiki to write in this broken English style must have been a challenge. In her own way, it is a poignant commentary of the culture that raised her and to remind us just how much things have changed.
The story has twists and turns and takes you on a wonderful journey that is at times hysterical and at times very emotional - never an easy task. There is also a great fashion tie-in woven through the story.

The novel has gotten attention from some major competitions and important book reviews. Denis received an honorable mention in the
2007 Hollywood Book Festival (category: wild card) for her work.

Published by Gival Press, the easiest way to find it is to click on the title link above. The book is a perfect read to take on a weekend trip or better yet to give as a gift this holiday season.
If anyone has already read the story, please let us know your thoughts!

Kiki Denis lives in NYC and is currently working on her second novel.