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This brilliant 2008 film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Angelina Jolie is one of the best of both superstar careers.  The movie tells the true story of Christine Collins, a single mother living in Los Angeles in 1928 when her young son is abducted.   Ms. Collins struggles to find her son at a time when there was no national response to missing children and the streets were a rough place.   THE REAL CHRISTINE COLLINSRougher still was the treatment Ms. Collins received from a corrupt police commissioner who would ultimately match Ms. Collins with the wrong child in an attempt to make the case go away in the eyes of the media.   Ms. Collins was left to fight City Hall in her quest for the truth about her son, even being wrongly committed to a mental hospital for disobeying the LAPD.   Were it not for an outspoken preacher played in the film byANGELINA JOLIE & JOHN MALKOVICH - CHANGELING John Malkovich, Ms. Collins would have lived the rest of her life in an insane asylum. 

It is shocking to learn the film was all based on true events and case was eventually solved.  The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders would shock the nation when details emerged of just what had happened to these missing boys.

While the film in worth seeing for the magnificent acting, direction, and cinematography,  the costume design is the other leading lady in the film.   Costume designer Deborah Hopper showcased the feminine detailing of the late 20's that was the cornerstone of fashion legend Coco Chanel and her vision of women.  The Cloche Hats and drop waist dresses are timeless and beautiful.   While a woman like Ms. Collins would never have been able to afford Couture from Chanel on her teleophone operator salary, she certainly would have been buying items ANGELINA JOLIE AS CHRISTINE COLLINSchosen by department store buyers that attended Chanel couture shows in Paris.   Buyers at the time would employ mass market factories that turned out thousands of European inspired dresses in places like NYC's Union Square.   Chanel once said with a laugh of these knock-off houses that copied her look that she toured during a NY visit - "forgery is the best form of flattery".1920'S FASHION - CHANGELING

Jolie is painfully beautiful, just balancing on the edge of beauty that almost makes her unbelievable in portraying anyone other than Angelina.   Luckily for Ms. Jolie and for us, her talent keeps her lost just enough in her characters - despite her stunning looks.

While you might shed a tear watching this heart-wrenching story unfold, I think it is somehow a wonderful tribute to Mother's Day.   Ms. Collins' love of her son gave her strength to find courage only a mother can know.

To download the film now via itunes - click -CHANGELING




The latest film from movie legend Catherine Deneuve is a tongue in cheek comedy with a big heart set in the 1970's.   Deneuve is the trophy wife (Potiche) of a miserable man who takes her and the world for granted.

The script is well written and the subtitles don't do all the innuendo justice, but still give enough to know just how funny this film is.70's STYLE FROM THE WOMEN OF POTICHE

From a fashion standpoint Potiche is a goldmine!  Set in the leafy suburbs of Western France, the women look like they just walked off a runway from Spring 2011!  That's right, if you didn't realize just how much the 70's has influenced every major runway collection from Ferragamo to Chloe, Potiche will set you straight.

 Set in an umbrella factory, (a nod to Deneuve's famous -"The umbrellas of Cherbourg") the film gives you an up close look at the state of union / management relations in France of the day that still exist to this day.  When negotiations get tough - workers just might kidnap the boss! ELLE - APRIL 2011- SALVATORE FERRAGAMO - 70'S INSPIRED SPRING 2011

Never fear, Deneuve is here...CHLOE - FALL 2010 and seems to be having more fun in film today than she ever has in her now 40+ year career!  

Potiche is one of the biggest films in France this year, and could become one of Deneuve's biggest as well.  

Watch the trailer below:



JAMES FRANCO & ANNE HATHAWAY HOSTIt's Oscar night, and no other night has L.A. buzzing like the lead up to the big show.   While other awards are prestigious- like The Golden Globes and S.A.G. awards - Oscar is king in Hollywood and in the world of glamour and fashion.   Tune in tonight to see who wears who, and who wins what!   This year has an incredibly eclectic crowd and list of nominees from films as diverse as True Grit, The King's Speech, Black Swan, & Rabbit Hole - just to name a few.   Escaping to the movies this year took us behind the scenes all over the place, from inside the castle of The King of England to the boozing party pad of the founders of Facebook.   What a year at the movies.    Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway will guide us through the glamorous night.

My favorite this year is I Am Love.   While the movie has been all but shutout at the Oscars, it is nominated for Best Costume Design - which it should win hands down.

For more behind the scenes info - click  or for even more click-

See you at the movies!




Any movie starring CHER & Christina Aguilera needs little introduction!  A legend like CHER & a prime talent like Christina have an undeniable star power. Burlesque is the perfect vehicle to bring these showstoppers together for the first time on stage and screen.   CHER stars as Tess-  a former dancer, now club owner who is down on her luck as she tries to keep her dream alive despite a floundering venue.   Christina is the fresh faced Ali who comes to L.A. to seek fame and fortune.   Burlesque is the club & the art form that sets the stage for the drama, the dance, & the blockbuster songs that will make this film a classic.   CHER is CHER from the first shot to the last.  We get to see her sing and dance (as rare and limited as that is!).   Christina shines like a bright shooting star.  The whole world already knows she has one of the strongest voices heard in decades.  Burlesque gives her the chance to show off her acting and choreography skills.  She is brilliant!  Her moves are as impressive as her vocals.   Not to mention what CHER IN FERRAGAMO - VANITY FAIR - DECEMBER 2010motherhood has done to her beauty - STUNNING!  Her rendition of the classic burlesque fan dance is cause enough to see this film.

Lest I forget the bartender -Jack,  played by Cam Gigandet.  The hunky, if frustrated songwriter has lost sight of his dream of fame for the steady paycheck at the club.  With a twinkle in his eye and dimple in his cheek (not on his face!) Mr. Gigandet raises the temperature in every scene he is in - with or without his clothes.CHRISTINA AS FRESH FACED ALI

Dr. McSteamy himself Eric Dane is also in the mix as the smarmy entrepreneur with the charm of a vulture to feed on his prey - in business and in bed.   Stanley Tucci reprises his "Devil Wears Prada" character again as the mincing gay sidekick.CAM GIGANDET -JACK - THE SONGWRITING BARTENDER

Making his directorial debut for the big screen is Steve Antin.  Antin is an actor, writer, & producer who gives a solid albeit at times cliche vision of this told so many times before story.   Mr. Antin definitely does not reinvent the wheel here, but keeps the story rolling along.   



The film is a must see for any musical or Broadway fan.  It goes without saying that Cher & Christina fans already have their tickets!  Look for cameos by Peter Gallagher and Alan Cumming as well.

BURLESQUE is in theaters now - click SHOWGIRLS to find a theater near you.  View trailer below:

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